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This guide is to support students and researchers of Arboriculture.

Find books

Books are shelved in the library by subject using the Dewey system. The following call numbers cover subject areas that are relevant to Arboriculture.

Books on trees, forestry and arboriculture can be found at the following libraries: Burnley, Creswick, ERC and the Brownless Biomedical Library.


343.7307649 Forests - legal aspects
634.9 Forestry
634.93 Forests - safety and access
634.95 Forests - Silviculture
634.951 Forests - structure, physical and mechanical properties
634.956 Forests - producing seeds and seedlings
634.9564 Nursery practice
634.9565 Propagation
634.96 Forestry - disease
635.9 Ornamental plants
635.95 Groupings by climatic factors
635.977 Ornamental trees
713.0994 Roadside landscapes
713.09945 Highway landscapes
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