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Master of Management (Accounting)

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Working in Groups

Contemporary business practice requires teamwork, collaboration and good communication skills.

Working effectively as part of a group is essential for University life. It is also a highly valued skill for professional situations.

Tips for working on group projects:

  • Break complex tasks into parts and steps
  • Plan and manage time
  • Refine understanding through discussion and explanation
  • Give and receive feedback on performance
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Develop stronger communication skills

Groups may be able to tackle more complex problems than individuals through:

  • Delegating roles and responsibilities across a team
  • Sharing diverse perspectives
  • Pooling knowledge and skills
  • Receiving social support and encouragement to take risks
  • Developing new approaches to resolving differences.
  • Establishing a shared identity with other group members
  • Finding effective peers to emulate
  • Developing their own voice and perspectives in relation to peers 
    source - CMU


Interpersonal Skills and Roles within Groups

Stages of Group Work

Tools for working in groups

Presentation Skills

From time to time you'll have to present a project or piece of research you've been working on either in class or at a conference/ event. Learn about the best way to present your work visually, speaking clearly and engaging your audience.