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Hawthorn English Language Students

This is a guide for Hawthorn English Language students for finding libraries and information at the University of Melbourne.

Library quiz

  • Q. 1  How many books can you borrow from the library with you library membership card?
  • Q. 2  The Baillieu Library is the only library at the University of Melbourne. True or False?
  • Q. 3  When you borrow a book, you can keep it  for as long as you need it.  True or False? 
  • Q. 4  You can renew the loan on books a week before the due date and have them for an extra four weeks.  True or False? 
  • Q. 5  If  you borrow a book and keep it longer than the due date, without renewing the loan,   you will be fined for overdue books.  True or False?
  • Q. 6  If you need assistance with using the library, you can ask a Librarian on the Library Service Desk for help.  True or False?

Quiz Answers

The answers to the quiz can be located here.