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HIST30072 China & the World: Empire to Great Power

Research guide designed to support students studying Chinese history in finding primary source material for their research essays.

Print Journals of interest

Good sources of information and propaganda in English on Mao's China.  Good sources for "Mao Zedong thought" during the "Great Leap Forward" and Cultural Revolution.

China Local & Provincial Government Chronicles

ERC Library holds more than 1000 items of China’s local and provincial governments’ chronicles 地方志. This primary source of information provides students with a wealth of knowledge of local history, economy, society, politics and culture.

Note: there are many different terms used under the name of chronicles in China: 地方志, 方志, 州志, 县志, 市志, 地区志, 府志, 地名志.To be able effectively use KEYWORD search, simply use any of the above mentioned terms plus a place name. For example: Beijing Chronicles can translate to 北京地方志 (100 results), 北京志 (265 results) or 北京方志 (121 results), the difference in results are noticeable.

Some other interesting and useful reference books related to the Chinese Chronicles:

清代孤本方志选民国时期总书目中国地方志集成, 天一阁藏明代地方志考录文史资料选辑

To access the Chronicles, please click here for the catalogue information.