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HIST30072 China & the World: Empire to Great Power

Research guide designed to support students studying Chinese history in finding primary source material for their research essays.

Government Documents online

The following links to Government sources offer a wealth of information on relations with China

Australian Parliament  Search Hansard for debates, speeches from  various Parliaments dating back to 1901. Use parliament no. to perform your search

United Kingdom. Parliament Search Hansard for debates, speeches from House of Commons and House of Lords of  Parliaments dating back to 1803

United States Congressional Documents Search Congressional documents dating from 1789

19th Century British Government Documents

The Government Documents section on the third floor of the Ballieu Library contains items of interest. 

The Irish University Press area studies series. British parliamentary papers on China contain correspondence on a number of issues of importance for 19th century British and Chinese relations.

e.g. Correspondence, orders in council, and reports relative to the opium war in China, 1840

Correspondence respecting the background  and negotiation of the Treaty of Tientsin