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Libguides Migration Project Guide

This is a guide to assist staff in the migration of our Libguides from the V1 Platform, to V2. All the necessary resources that staff need for this process, will be in this guide. This guide is produced by the Libguides Migration Working Group (LMG)

DLs Information - Key activity and tasks

DLs can assist the LMG in helping us in six main activities.

DLs can assist by:

  • Helping the LMG by encouraging authors to make necessary changes to their libguides by the three major deadlines.
  • Assigning new authors to guides that no longer have an author, where the libguide author has left the University.
  • Helping to make decisions in their area of responsibility about guides that may no longer be needed (though this is largely up to the author).
  • Making sure the pre-migration checklist has been followed to check off the libguides in their respective area (Before 23/9/15).
  • Making sure the post-migration checklist has been followed to check off libguides in their respective area (Before 23/10/15).
  • Reminding Libguide editors/staff that libguides will not be able to be accessed after 23/2/16.

The LMG will provide detailed usage reports to the guides and DLs for their respective areas, which will assist in making decisions about the viability of guides based on their traffic volume.
The LMG will also provide communication updates of important cut off dates, and specifically needs to be done at that point.