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CRIM30005 Crimes of the Powerful: Journal articles

This guide has been designed to support your research assignments and contains links to library resources relevant to criminology. It also includes examples of different resource types and information on how to evaluate them.

Finding journal articles: keywords

Here is a selection of keywords you might like to consider using when searching in journals or databases for articles relating to this subject. Please note it is not exahuaustive and we encourage you to analyse you topic carefully and brainstorm for your own set of keywords:

white collar crime corporate crime state crime human rights
corporate abuse regulation crimes of the powerful corporate corruption
globalisation supply chain organised crime occupational crime

If you want to explore these topics in more detail, try combing them with the following:

financial fraud complex fianancial fraud corporate fraud accounting fraud
tax evasion tax avoidance tax miminsation industrial disasters
Occupational Health & Safety professional misconduct environmental disaster small business crime
art crime antiquities theft

Social sciences databases

Below is a selection of databases that index social sciences journals including criminology, political science, sociology and related disicplines.

Multidisciplinary databases

These large multi-disciplinary databases allow you to search across a large amount of journals, incuding humanities and social sciences. They often produce large amounts of results but can give you good coverage of research, including perspectives from other disciplines.

Help using databases and e-journals

Economics databases

As you are studying a topic related to corporate and economic crime some of the more specialised business and economics databases could be useful for finding information on your particularl case studies. Below is selection of some useful sources of business and economics case studies and journal articles.