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Political Sciences

This guide consolidates information sources which may be useful to students studying Political Science. It draws together subscription databases, websites, news sources, and online government documents

Finding books

To find books on a particular subject, use a keyword search on the library catalogue. For example:

Australian politics

"political science"


Keyword searching often retrieves a large number of results. You can limit your search by using AND and adding more keywords to retrieve resources that have both words in the record. For example:

politics AND development

"political science" AND theory

Use OR to broaden your search to find material related to similar keywords in the one search:

"political science" AND (theory OR practice)


Refer to the search tips for details on how to search on the library catalogue effectively. These tips also work with databases.

Another way to navigate the catalogue is to use the hyperlinked subject headings in item records. Once clicked on, these headings will show you related subjects around your area and the all the books that the library has related to that subject. Refer to the image below.

Screenshot of how to use subject headings in the library catalogue

Fig 2.- Screenshot of the Library Catalogue featuring how to access subject headings

If you can't find what you're looking for or an item is unavailable in the catalogue try the following options:

  • Search the BONUS+ catalogue to request an item from another university's library
  • Sign up for a CAVAL card to borrow from other Victorian libraries (including university, TAFE, and public libraries)

Below is a list of links to subject headings that will take you to books relevant to politics in Australia.

Aboriginal Australians - civil rights

Federal government - Australia

Aboriginal Australians - land tenure - Australia

Human rights - Australia

Aboriginal Australians - social conditions

Law - Australia

Australia - Constitution

Liberal Party of Australia.      

Australia - economic policy

Lobbying - Australia

Australia - emigration and immigration.

Multiculturalism - Australia

Australia - Federal Court

National Party of Australia.

Australia - High Court

Native title - Australia

Australia - immigrants - social aspects

Party affiliation - Australia

Australia - Parliament

Pauline Hanson's One Nation. 

Australia - Parliament - elections

Political campaigns - Australia.      

Australia - politics and government

Political participation - Australia.      

Australia - social conditions

Political parties - Australia

Australia - social policy

Political planning - Australia

Australian ballot

Power (social sciences) - Australia

Australian Democrats

Pressure groups - Australia

Australian Electoral Commission

Prime ministers - Australia

Australian Greens

Public welfare - Australia

Australian Labor Party. 

Referendum - Australia

Cabinet system - Australia

Social classes - Australia

Courts - Australia

Social justice -- Australia

Election law - Australia.  

Victoria - Parliament

Elections - Australia

Victoria - Supreme Court

Elite (social sciences) - Australia

Voting – Australia

Emigration and immigration law - Australia

Voting registers - Australia.  

Equality - Australia


Below is a link to subject headings that will take you to books relevant to politics in the USA. There are over 480 subcategories of subject headings so you might need to scroll along to find the exact heading that is relevant to you.


United State -- Politics and government

Below are a number of links that will be useful in tracking down literature on current concepts and trends in American politics:

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