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An introduction to Zotero

Converting your Zotero document back to Plain Text

  • When you are finished using Zotero  with the Word document you are working on (e.g. before you submit it for assessment or send it to another party) you may want to take out the EndNote format code.
  • This means you can make final adjustments without the document connecting back to Zotero and overriding your changes to comply with your EndNote reference (e.g. you may have to make manual changes where the output style is wrong, it is not converting references properly or you may want to insert some extra information)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have converted the document to plain text you cannot revert back to the previous version of the document with Zotero formatting.

  • Follow these steps to convert your Zotero document to Plain Text:
    • First, make a backup of the document WITH your Zotero citations
    • Next, in MS Word, in the Zotero  toolbar, select the broken link icon – Zotero remove codes

  • Select yes, once again, making sure you have saved a backup copy with the code
  • When you do this, the document then becomes a normal word document, with no code connected to MS Word.
  • You can then type over the references and they will not revert to comply how the reference appears in EndNote.