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An introduction to Zotero

Using Zotero and MS Word

  • If you can’t see your Zotero toolbar, go to view> toolbar> Zotero and select it to activate
  • For this example, we will use a footnote citation system where references are numbered using footnotes (eg as per the Oxford or AGLC3 citations styles) however,   Zotero also supports in text citations (as per Harvard or APA).
    Where  a footnote citation system is used, word will create the footnotes at the bottom of the page.  Each footnote contains the reference information for the work you are citing.
  • To add a footnote space for your references  to your Word document go to References and select Insert Footnote
  • When your cursor is placed at the footnote where you wish to add the reference from Zotero, go to the Zotero  toolbar at the top of the screen (should be under the add ins tab, but this may depend on your version of word



When you select the insert citation option, you may be asked to select your citation style.


Once you have selected the citation style for the document, you can run a search for the reference you want fro your collection of references.




Select the article you want from the selection.


Hit enter – the article will go into the footnote field.

If you wish to edit the reference, click on the edit refer