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Chinese Studies (archived)


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Finding Books in the Library Catalogue

The online Catalogue is a gateway to physical resources in all University of Melbourne libraries. Material type includes books, journals, microform, maps and media. Chinese language materials can be searched by using Chinese characters and Pinyin Romanisation.

Pinyin Romanisation rules for Chinese Language Materials: 

  • Adopts Library of Congress “ Chinese romanization guidelines “ (
  • Adopts single syllable Pinyin, eg. Wen xue shi liao cong bian.
  • Personal name: joins together, eg. Deng Xiaoping, Shen Congwen.
  • Established name: follows Library of Congress practice, eg. Confucius.
  • Geographical name: follows US Board of Geographical Names. For details, see “Romanization of Chinese geographic names in descriptive and subject headings’ (

Suggest a Purchase

You are welcome to suggest a purchase to support your teaching, learning and research. The library is in favor of ordering e-books if an online version is available. However e-books are not recommended for books with color images and lots of illustrations. New book recommendations can be sent to Xiaoju Liu providing bibliographic details including Title; Author; Publisher; Year; ISBN and Edition.