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ABPL90146 Architectural conservation in East Asia

This is for students enrolled in ABPL90146 Architectural Conservation in East Asia

Chinese Databases



Chinese Database Searching


You can search in our subscribed Chinese language databases using English and Chinese.

For example, in China Academic Journals full-text Database, try Full-text Search with keywords 永乐宫 AND 壁画 AND 修复, click Search.



1.Click the + and – icon to add or delete search boxes

2.From the drop-down menu, choose full-text search
3.In the search box, enter your keywords
4.By default, keywords are connected by AND, but you can change to OR, NOT by clicking the drop-down menu
5.If needed, refine your search by Author, Date, Journal title/ISSN, etc.
6.Sort your results by relevance, date, cites and downloads
7.Click title to see more information and download PDF if needed




The library holds print journals as well as electronic journals which will be useful for the study of this subject.

Examples of print journals:

To access Chinese language electronic journals, go to China Academic Journals full-text database, click Journal Navigation.



Then on the left hand side, under Subject Navigation, Navigation to Category (F) Literature/History/Philosophy, within that category, click Archaeology, then it will display all the relevant journals.




Selected Books & Suggested Subject Headings


Bibliography, dictionaries, maps

Architecture of China

Architectural Design

Principles, Philosophy of Architecture Conservation in China 建筑保护理论参考文献

Underwater archaeology

Architectural designs and drawings

Architectural Decoration 

Architectural Drawings, paintings and perspectives

Dunhuang painting 敦煌壁画