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AGRI10048 - Agricultural Production Systems 2: Books

Library Catalogue Search

Use the library catalogue to search for relevant books, printed versions of journals and newspapers etc.

Featured Books

Keyword Search Tips

To search by keyword use distinctive words that describe the information you are looking for, e.g. :

  • Crops
  • Soils
  • Pastures

Keyword searching often retrieves a large result. You may need to limit your search by adding more words from your keyword list using the ‘and’ operator, e.g. wineries and Australia or wine and marketing.

Browse through the records retrieved and look at the hyperlinked subject descriptions that come with each catalogue record, e.g.

- Crops-- Diseases and pests
- Crops-- Physiology

- Soil Productivity
- Soil Chemistry

- Pastures -- Irrigation
- Pastures -- Seeds -- Research

Click on any subject description to find more material that shares the same description.