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Software Applications

This is a guide summarising current convenient and recommended software applications available for use by library staff.

Video Editing

Product name Windows Movie Maker
Producer Microsoft
Cost Free
Function Video Editor (Windows)
Web site
  • Video editing capabilities
  • Addition of music tracks
  • Audio editing capabilities
  • Imports of video clips for editing, in a range of formats
  • Importing of video straight from camera
  • Exporting files in H.264 MP4 format
  • Storyboard and timeline view


Product name iMovie
Producer Apple
Cost Free
Function Video editing software (Mac)
Web site

  • Video editing functions,
  • Titles creation
  • Effects creation
  • Allows for a full soundtrack addition
  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Simple operation



Product name Hitfilm
Producer HItfilm
Cost Free
Function Video editing and effects
Web site
  • Hitfilm has a range of features
  • Video and audio editing
  • Effects
  • Audio tracks
  • Soundtracks,
  • Allows for extra features by buying add ons.
  • Easy to use interface,
  • Complex functionality of the type used in some film making
  • Sophisticated post effects