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Software Applications

This is a guide summarising current convenient and recommended software applications available for use by library staff.

Note Taking


Product name Evernote
Cost Basic version Free, 2 premium deals at $30 and $57
Function Note taking software for students
Web site
  • Note taking
  • Hand writing recognition software
  • Photo taking option and add to the notes
  • The ability to attach PDFs,
  • The ability to annotate notes
  • Collaboration with a group notebook



Product name Simplenote
Producer Automattic
Cost Free
Function Note taking software
Web site
  • Easy usability
  • Good search capabilities
  • Sharing capabilities
  • Auto back up capabilities
  • Version control of documents
  • Support for markdown
  • Versions for ios, kindle, Android, Linux, Windows and Mac



Product name OneNote
Producer Microsoft
Cost Free
Function Note taking software
Web site
  • An interface resembling a tabbed ring binder
  • Allows for web clipping
  • The ability to send emails
  • The ability to take photos and add them
  • Versions for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS,
  • A web based version
  • No enforced uniform layout for the page
  • Allowance for offline work, and later syncing for updates