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Software Applications

This is a guide summarising current convenient and recommended software applications available for use by library staff.

Slide Presentation Software


Product name Prezi
Producer Prezi Inc
Cost Free (full features) - pro version allows for higher  storage limit
Function Online presentations software
Web site
  • Online editing
  • Ability to import graphics
  • Resortable order
  • Downloads of presentations into PDF
  • Editable layout
  • Full vector zooming presentation software
  • Lots of templates



Product name Google Slides
Producer Google
Cost Free
Function Slide presentation software
Web site

  • Many templates
  • Videos
  • Hundreds of fonts
  • Works with other Google products
  • The ability to work offline
  • Phone tablet and PC compatibility
  • Editting in real time
  • Sharing with other Google users
  • Chat capabilities and comment
  • Powerpoint compatability
  • Automatic saving of changes.





Product name Keynote
Producer Apple
Cost $25.48 AUD
Function Online slide presentation software
Web site
  • Versions for iphone, Ipad, windows, Mac platforms
  • Compatability with Powerpoint
  • Sharing with any user
  • Real time editing
  • Chat with other users.
  • Data chart options
  • Built in animation