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This guide provides information and advice for law journal editors and authors who wish to use to create permanent URLs for web site information cited in footnotes.

How do I make a Link?

Follow the steps in Perma’s guide or look at our example below.

Cut and paste the URL of the web page that you need to archive in the “Create Perma Link” box.

Select or create a folder to deposit your new Perma link.

When you click on the “Create Perma Link” button, the web site information will be preserved and you will receive your new Perma Link.

Your can view the preserved record and you have the option to view the live page or the screenshot view of the page you

If the capture doesn’t look right, you made a mistake or change your mind you have 24 hours to delete the link before it becomes permanent. You may decide to replace the captured image. To do this, view your newly created Perma record by clicking on “Show record details “ in the top left corner of the screen then, when you click on “Edit record” you will be able to upload your own image.