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This guide provides information and advice for law journal editors and authors who wish to use to create permanent URLs for web site information cited in footnotes.


When should I create Links?

We recommend that you create links for websites on the Internet such as blog postings, working papers, reports, press releases,  – any free web pages that do not already have another form of permanent URL such as a DOI or a Handle URL.

When should I not create a link?

The terms and conditions of specify that should not be used to archive content in a subscription database or behind a paywall.

What do I do if cannot archive a URL?

If is unable to upload the site you can try uploading the content directly to

Problems to watch out for when uploading web pages to are:

  • Files that do not have a direct URL are unable to be loaded into e.g. If you enter the URL of an SSRN page into you will only archive the abstract, not the article. You will need to upload the PDF content directly to
  • Sites with video ( is unable to load videos)
  • Content that appears on multiple pages, such as news stories that are divided into sections – only the content that appears at the URL that you enter in the box  will be archived.

Are there any short cuts for creating Links?

We suggest that you place a booklet into your “favorites” bar.

Click on your name in the top right corner of the screen. Select the “Tools” option. Move the “Create Link button to your bookmarks bar.

When you are viewing a page you wish to save as a link, just click on your bookmarklet to create your new Link.

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