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MULT90004 Sustainability Governance and Leadership

A research guide to support OEP students studying MULT90004

Evaluating Resources

On completion of this module, you will be able to evaluate the resources you find, such as books, journal articles and websites using the following criteria:

  • relevance
  • quality
  • accuracy
  • bias
  • currency
  • authority
  • purpose

Personalization of Search Results

You may be aware of that online search engines and social networking sites may filter what you see based on your past browsing behaviour, amongst other things (Pariser 2011). It is important to think through the implications of this for your academic work. Whilst we in the library strongly encourage you to use library databases and the catalogue to find resources, we recognise the ubiquity and user-friendliness of google. With this in mind, here are some issues for you to consider:

  • The “filter bubble”. Your search results may be based upon assumptions about what the search engine thinks that you want
  • You are more likely to be presented with information that confirms what you already know or believe (feeding the confirmation bias)
  • Search results that are filtered based on past behaviour may not reveal information that challenges your assumptions

(Pariser 2011).

Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter bubbles" Duration: (9:05) User: tedtalksdirector - Added: 3/05/11
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