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Managing References with LaTeX/BibTeX

This LibGuide is designed for University of Melbourne staff and students to instruct on the various methods of reference management within LaTeX documents. The basics of a LaTeX bibliography is explained with reference to more popular editors such as Shar

ShareLaTeX and Mendeley

ShareLaTeX and Mendeley have integrated to allow for easy BibTeX database import. 

After clicking the menu button, the following drop down box will appear. Under the Sync heading, click the Mendeley option. 

A pop up box will appear requesting the user to Link to Mendeley

Once the link button has been pressed another pop-up box will appear asking for the user's login details to Mendeley.

Once these details have been accepted, the pop up box will disappear and the screen will return to the LaTeX document. Re-click the Mendeley link under the Sync heading. A new pop up box will appear listing each of references in your Mendeley reference manager. Next, click on the green Import References to mendeley.bib button.

This will create a BibTeX database allowing you to cite any of the inserted references. 


If you add new references to your Mendeley library, or edit existing references in Mendeley, you will need to sync again to see the changes in your mendeley.bib file in ShareLaTeX i.e. in ShareLaTeX, click the menu button, and under the Sync heading, click the Mendeley option. (Note: you may need to click away from the mendeley.bib file, i.e. select your .tex file and then select your mendeley.bib file again to see the changes.)