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Managing References with LaTeX/BibTeX

This LibGuide is designed for University of Melbourne staff and students to instruct on the various methods of reference management within LaTeX documents. The basics of a LaTeX bibliography is explained with reference to more popular editors such as Shar

Mendeley and Overleaf

Import references from Mendeley into Overleaf

  • In overleaf, click the Project tab. A new column should appear (if not already on your screen) on the left hand side.

  • At the top of the new column should be a Files tab. Click on Files, then from the drop down list click on Bibliography. A new pop up screen will appear with 4 options; CiteULike, Zotero, Mendeley and a blank one for a generic .bib file.

  • Click on Mendeley
  • A new pop up screen will appear asking you to Connect to your Mendeley Account. Click this green box.
  • A new tab or window will open in your internet browser asking for your Mendeley account email and password. You will need to have already created a Mendeley account before you get to this step.
  • A new pop up box will ask you to add a bibliography from Mendeley. It requires you to name the file in your project. This can be any name and does not have to match a particular Mendeley folder name. It doesn’t use a particular Mendeley file, it will upload every reference from your entire Mendeley program.

  • Then click Add File
  • A new file will appear with the name you chose as a .bib extension in the files column next to your LaTeX file.

You can now cite directly into your main LaTeX document from your Mendeley bibliography.

Adding references after initial Mendeley Bibliography has been imported into Overleaf

  • If you find another reference after this import has taken place, simply enter the reference into your Mendeley reference manager as usual.
  • Return to the mendeley.bib file in Overleaf, click to open the .bib file, then at the bottom of the bibliography list should be a Green Refresh button.

  • Press the Refresh button and the bibliography will be updated.