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Mendeley LibGuide

Installation instructions

Step 1: Sign up for Mendeley

Sign up to Mendeley through

Press Continue

Then Create account

Once you have pressed Save and continue you will be taken to the Mendeley Newsfeed page. 


Install Desktop

Step 2: Install Mendeley Desktop

In the right hand corner of the newfeed page will be the option to Download desktop app

Select the appropriate operating system and device you will be using, then download the Desktop App.

Install Web Importer

Step 3: Install Web Importer

The web importer lets you import references and documents from over 30 databases. You can find the option to install on the Mendeley Newsfeed page on the right hand side. There should be a box similar to below. 

Click on Add it to your browser

Install the Web Importer into your favourite web browser to import references and documents from academic databases. 

Save articles to your Mendeley Library as you browse.

Alternative options

If you would prefer not to download the Mendeley software onto your device, there is an online alternative option. It is called Mendeley Web.

To find out more about Mendeley Web please refer to the tab on the left hand side of this LibGuide.