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Insert citations and create a bibliography for Word pre-2010

Insert a citation (using Microsoft Word)

  • Install citation plugin (see below).
  • Open your word document and click mouse cursor on spot in Word document where you require your citation
  • Select References tab in Word document and locate the Insert Citation button
  • Click Insert Citation button. Then, search for required reference by author, title or even year and press OK. The reference selected will now appear in the position the mouse cursor was originally placed. 

Create a bibliography

  • After at least one citation has been placed into your Word document, a bibliography can be created by clicking Insert Bibliography button under the References tab in Word. 
  • If more citation are added after the bibliography has been created, click the Refresh button under the Bibliography button in Word. 


Install MS Word Plugin for Word versions pre-2010

To install the MS Word plug in:

When installed the plugin will appear as below on Microsoft Windows:

Generating Citations with MS Word for Word versions pre-2010

Note: There is a slight difference with MS Word on Mac as the Cite-O-Matic will appear as its own toolbar.