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Strategic Publishing in STEM

To guide STEM researchers through the process of choosing a journal in which to publish.

Mission and Scope

The Mission and Scope will help you identify journals that are the best fit for your topic and the audience that you want to reach.

  • Age: How long has the Journal been published?  A journal with shorter publishing history will have a smaller reader base.

  • History: Is the journal consistent in its publication timeframe and content?

  • Affiliation: Who publishes the journal, are they a reputable publishing organisation?

  • Size: What is the distribution of the journal? What Libraries subscribe to it?

  • Audience: Is the journal read by professionals in the field as well as other researchers?

  • Composition of editorial board: Are the editorial board reputable researchers in your area or recognised experts in other fields?

  • Internationality: Does the journal have an international reach or is it focused on a region or country?

What to think about...

What to think about before you start to write a journal article. Taylor & Francis added November 18 2016.