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A guide on using Wikipedia for study and research for staff and students

Making a Quick edit

Editing a page – Making a simple edit.


Do a search for the page you want to edit, using he Wikipedia search field, top right.
In the example we are going to edit the page on the suburb Thornbury, in Victoria, Australia.

Go up to the top

Select Edit

Select the visual editor (the pencil Icon, top right) – this way you won’t need to put in any code -  It’s a lot quicker and easier.

Type in Tago Mago. Go up to the the menu bar at top, highlight the phrase, and select the itallicise function to get Tago Mago.
After it is done, press save changes – the button at the top.

After you have done this, the edit summary box will pop up. Add your edit summary

Press Save changes