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A guide on using Wikipedia for study and research for staff and students

Making a New Page

Making a New Page

This is relatively easy process.

Run a search for the title of the page you want to create.
If someone else has already created it… that’s good you don’t have to!

For example, in creating a page for the film Survival Family (Film), initially  there is was no existing page so when you run a search, Wikipedia created a link for the film to be created. Because it is a film title, and there could be another sort of page with the same title, you can add (Film) in brackets.
If the title was common for different media, you could differentiate them like this:
Survival Family (1958 Film)
Survival Family (TV Series)
Survival Family (Novel)


Type in some text for your entry. It’s good to have some information prepared.
If you have some items that can be linked to in the text (in this case, actors names), you can create internal links for them.
Highlight the phrase you want to link, then press the link key.
If there is no internal link, it will indicate this.
If there is an internal link to a page for the phrase you want to links to (in this case, the name for a Japanese actor, Fumiyo Kohinata) it will display for you. You can select it and it will links up.


So far this isn’t very much, it is good to add a few more details, and some references, otherwise the page may be deleted.

Headings – you will need to decide what section headings you will have for an article. You want to be in line with similar articles on Wikipedia, and the different types of articles (a BIO page, a page on a company, movie, book or Historical Battle for instance) will have similar structures and similar content headings. Look at some examples to get ideas.

Pick a heading menu option, and then type in a new section – say Plotline.
Type in the text. You will need to type in
Make sure you put in a reference or two. Just select where you want your reference to be inserted (the section you want to refer to). Then go up to cite:

Then select insert. It will fix up the citation style for you.

Add in a final section for External links, you could for instance, add in any film reviews for the movie here, or a link to IMDB