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A guide on using Wikipedia for study and research for staff and students

ORCID Identifiers and Wiki sites

ORCID identifiers can be used across wiki sites including Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata and a suite of associated projects. They can assist users of Wikidata to generate citation maps and remove ambiguity in subject pages that may be translated into many languages. 

For editors and contributors

Record your ORCID on your User Page as outlined in this guide. This can help signpost your expertise, preventing unwarranted reversions, and make your work visible to a new audience. Similarly, you can record your Wikipedia user page in your ORCID profile to highlight special contributions in your field. 

For subjects of articles

Follow the guidelines here. You can add an ORCID to a subject page using the Authority Control field. Consider adding the ORCID to 

Browse the list of articles with recorded ORCID identifiers.  Creating or writing pages about yourself  is strongly discouraged.  

Other resources on use of ORCID in Wikipedia