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Australian & Comparative Constitutional Law: Australian Federal Constitutional Law

This guide will help with your research in Australian, Global and Comparative Constitutional Law.

Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law looks at the rules which govern the relationship between the different bodies within the State, that is, the executive, the legislature and the judiciary.  For more information view this short video of Melbourne Law School academic Cheryl Saunders talking about the Constitution.

Video source: The Gist of It, Amnesty Australia.

A great place to start ... Encyclopaedias

Halsbury's Laws of Australia on Lexis Advance Pacific  - chapter 90 - Constitutional Law

The Laws of Australia - Westlaw AU - chapter 19 - Government


For an introduction to or overview of Australian Constitutional Law we recommend that you use secondary material such as books and encyclopaedias.

For more in-depth information on specific aspects of constitutional law, use journal articles.

For more help on using secondary literature in your research, refer to the Secondary Sources for Legal Research guide.