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Ephemeral Exhibitions Space: La Mama Theatre

What's on display at the Ephemeral Exhibitions Space, Ground Floor Baillieu Study Area

50 Years of La Mama Theatre in Carlton

Audience outside at performance of

Audience outside at a performance of Whatever Happened to Realism, by John Romeril
1969, John Carrick

Scene from the performace of

Performance of The Woods, by David Manet
2012, Sarah Walker

Inside La Mama Theatre during a bump

The Inside of La Mama Theatre during a bump-in,
1987, Liz Jones


Performance of Correnderrk: We Will Show the Country, concept by Giodano Nanni and Andrea James
2015, Darren Gill

performance of

Performance of Who by Jack Hibberd
1969, Lloyd Carrick

Performance of Bright Shiny and Green Night, by Kit Lazaroo
2015, Sarah Walker

Performace of

Performance of Opera for a Small Mammal, by Margaret Cameron
2013, Daisy Noyes

Performance of Blaaq Catt, by Maurial Spearim
2016, Zan Wimberley

Teagan Richardson in Beautiful Mutants, by Deborah Levy
1996, Kath Banger

Performance of William 37, by Adam Cass
2001, Simon Diesler

Performance Melancholia, by Lloyd Jones and Ensemble
2012, Nedd Jones

La Mama noticeboard with Jack Hibberd
1977, Jyl Gocher

Performance of How To Reject A Proposal, by Adrain Del-Re
2016, Garren Gil