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Finding News: Home

Links to print and online newspaper resources from Australia and internationally.

Key databases

Finding news on a subject

To find news on a particular subject, first try one of the online databases. Some of the main ones are listed at left under 'Key databases'; others are listed on the tabs above.

If a newspaper has not been digitised, you might need to use a printed index to identify articles, then look at the newpaper itself either in print or on microform. Major indexes are also listed on the relevant tabs above.

Today's news

The Baillieu Library receives The Age, The Australian, Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald and Times (London) daily. These newspapers are held on the newspaper shelves until the microforms arrive.

Generally, the microform copies of Australian newspapers are three months behind; there is a one week delay from the date of publication of the Times.

The Giblin Eunson Business, Economics and Education Library receives the Australian Financial Review daily.


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