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Library Pop-Up Sessions: Productivity

This guide brings together the useful links highlighted in our Library Pop-Up Sessions


Tips for increasing productivity

Productivity Tips!

Based on the WA Government's Centre for Clinical Interventions (Module 5)

Understanding procrastination

Understanding and beating Procrastination

Centre for Clinical Interventions has a page with online learning modules about overcoming procrastination.

University of Manchester has an eLearning resource to help you understand the procrastination cycle

Why Procrastinators procrastinate the first in a two-part series gives an approachable introduction to procrastination, rational decision making and panic to gain an understanding of procrastination.

How to beat procrastination the sequel to Why Procrastinators Procrastinate delves into how to beat procrastination, and in doing so become more productive.

Resources from other guides!


Music you can work to

Youtube Playlist

LastFM Chillout Playlist

Spotify Playlists (require an account)

The Best Study Playlist Ever (according to the creator!)

Ambient Piano Playlist

Movie Scores Study Playlist

Studying With Classical Music Playlist

Study Time Starts Now Playlist

Ambient Sounds - Good for those who like audio that isn't overly distracting whilst working

Ambient Calming Sounds


Productivity Tools

Tools to help with productivity

Stickk - Goal-setting platform with referees and stake-setting

BookIT - Book project rooms and computers in the library

Popplet - Free mind-mapping tool

Evernote - Organisational tool

Get Cold Turkey - Blocks websites to help avoid distraction and to focus on work. (Free download of basic features for windows, mac and android).

Microsoft To Do - Create to-do lists and prioritise tasks to increase productivity. (Free, available on Windows 10, android, and iPhone).

Group Communication Tools

Communication Platforms and Tools


Slack A group commmunication and planning platform

Discord A chatlog and video/voicechat platform

Trello A visual worklog for coordinating and goalsetting projects

OneDrive A cloudshare and cloudstorage platform

OneNote A notetaking and collaboration tool that can synch across devices and have multi-person access

Google Drive A cloudshare and cloudstorage platform, and a colloborative document editor

Google Hangouts A chat, voice- and video-call platform in the Google suite of tools

Books on Exam Preparation

Books from the library