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Master of Education

This guide supports students enrolled in the Master of Education.

Research strategies

Quick tips for getting started

Establish the main topics or themes in your research question.

Brainstorm a list of keywords for each of the main topics or themes.

Consider using a search plan.

Develop a search strategy by combining your keywords.

Some quick searching can be useful for establishing how much information is available and to assist you to plan more complex strategies should you encounter too much or not enough information. 


Get Searching

Start with the Library catalogue - you will need to use broad searches, you can always be more specific if you find lots of information.

When you find a useful resource, look at the terms that are used to describe it and consider adding these terms to your search strategy.

Try Discovery if you need quick access to journal articles and to get an overview of what information is available.

Need more specific articles? Use the educational databases listed in the Master of Education library guide.


Other Library Guides which may be useful

Educational and Instructional Leadership guide useful for instructional leadership topics

Applied Positive Psychology guide useful for applied positive psychology topics

Higher Education for transnationational education topics