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A guide to resources relevant to Philosophy at the University of Melbourne Library


Welcome to the Philosophy Subject Research Guide

This guide:

  • Brings together Library resources at the University of Melbourne Library, both in print and online, that are relevant to Philosophy
  • Contains direct links to subject headings, online journal article databases, news sources, theses sources and statistics
  • Contains useful searching tips when searching the Library's databases

To navigate to different parts of the guide, use the headings on the left hand side of the guide. Some headings (e.g. 'Finding theses') will open up a new window.

If you need further help with using this guide or your area of research is not covered by the resources featured, please visit the 'Further help' heading to get in touch with us!


Decorative image The School of Athens, by Raphael, Vatican City

Fig. 1- "Scuola di Atene" by Raphael, Apostolic Palace, Vatican City [public domain]