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Papua New Guinea Law - Legal Research Guide: Case Law

Guide to law resources in Papua New Guinea

Legal system of Papua New Guinea

PNG Judiciary

The National Court of Justice is one of the two Higher Courts in Papua New Guinea with the Supreme Court being the other. The National Court is the Trial Court on matters originally registered in the National Court whilst it has appellate jurisdiction on decisions of magistrates courts (District Courts) which have been appealed against . It also has jurisdiction to review administrative decisions of public bodies or authorities of the State as well as appeals against decisions of bodies and authorities as provided by provisions of a Statutory Law.

The Supreme Court Act provides for the Court's powers and some of its procedures on an appeal from the National Court and gives power for a National Court judge to refer and the Supreme Court to consider questions of law.

Judgments are available through PACLII for courts including:

Papua New Guinea Law Reports

Papua New Guinea Law Reports contain cases determined in the National Court of Justice and the Supreme Court of Justice.

Decisions from 1963 to 2005 are available through PACLII.

An index to the Papua New Guinea Law Reports is available through PACLII.

The Law Library holds this law report series in hard copy from 1990 to 1998 (see catalogue record).