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Professional Communication

Supporting the use of scholarly information for the breadth subject, MECM20012 Professional Communication.

Welcome to the Professional Communication guide

Welcome to the library guide for the subject, Professional communication.

This page offers a small selection of relevant search tools and supports APA referencing requirements.



One to One (or a defined many) communication by Wesley Fryer used under CCBY-NC-SA 2.0

Where to search?

You may need to try multiple approaches to find articles for your assessment tasks. 
  1. We usually recommend searching a database/s as the most efficient way to find articles about a particular topic - see recommended search tools
  2. If you identify a particular journal is publishing articles which are highly relevant to your research topic, it can be valuable to search within the contents of the journal - See journals to browse and search

Sample Search Statements

Here are some search statement examples which have been grouped into topics.
Use these
examples to help you understand the process of developing search terms and creating search statements using Boolean logic (AND, OR & NOT).
Networking and presenting ideas in the workplace
  • networking AND (“professional development” OR training)
  • (ideas OR  proposal) AND ( presentation OR communication skills OR professional development)
  • (workplace networking OR peer networking) AND (development OR training)
Assertive communication and seeking clarification
  • (questioning techniques OR listening skills) AND problem solving AND workplace
  • (negotiation OR questioning techniques) AND communication AND workplace
  • Assertive* AND (training OR professional development)
Conflict avoidance and managing confrontation
  • conflict AND avoid* AND (colleagues OR workplace)
  • ("interpersonal conflict" OR conflict avoidance) AND management AND (colleagues OR workplace)
  • (“conflict resolution” OR reconciliation) AND communication skills AND workplace
You may add roles or occupations to these terms to focus on a specific industry or profession, for example:
(“conflict resolution” OR reconciliation) AND communication skills AND medical practitioner