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Research Impact

Tools and support to assist with measuring research.


Citation countsjournal impact factors, and h-index are considered standard tools for measuring the impact of the research. This is based on an assumption that significant research output will have higher citation counts.


This guide will assist you in counting citations, ranking journals and creating an H-index that you might use in:

  • Grant applications *
  • Promotions
  • Fellowships

 Refer to grant funding rules for scheme-specific information to determine what information should be included. Funding rules change from year to year. 


  • Research impact measures are not comparable across disciplines.
  • No one database will provide a comprehensive measurement of impact.
  • The results between citation databases are not comparable since their coverage varies.
  • Citation counts alone are not an indication of excellent research. They should be used with other qualitative measures such as esteem.


The Library's Research Impact Library Advisory Service (RILAS) focuses on providing various research evaluation measures, including metrics, to University of Melbourne staff and researchers to support their research grant and academic promotion applications.  


More Information

MyRI Measuring your Research Impact Tutorial

Get an overview from MyRI's Bibliometrics toolkit, a collaborative project of four Irish academic libraries. It includes: