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Researcher Profiles, Identifiers and Social Networks: Maximise your Impact

Tips on how to promote your research and profile as a researcher.

Melbourne Research Windows

Melbourne Research Windows provides a consolidated view of University Research Information, around researchers, departments, research classifications, journals and publications.

It is a tool specially developed to assist the research community of the University of Melbourne, and is only accessible by entering your unimelb staff login and password.

Why you should update you Melbourne Research Windows Profile

Melbourne Research Windows is one of the tools that will be used to inform research decisions in areas such as:

  • Strategic Decision Making, and 
  • Research Decision Making, including:
    • Measuring research outputs, and
    • Departmental funding.

How to Update your Melbourne Research Windows Profile

The data in Melbourne Research Windows comes from Themis, Web of Science and Human Resources:

  • Researcher profiles are updated from Themis weekly,
  • Citations are updated from Web of Science monthly, and
  • Assignments and other researcher information is synchronised from HR monthly.

You can update your researcher profile via Themis: