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Researcher Profiles, Identifiers and Social Networks: Maximise your Impact

Tips on how to promote your research and profile as a researcher.

What is ORCID?

ORCID stands for: Open Researcher and Contributor ID and is an open, non-profit, community-driven effort to create:

  • An international, interdisciplinary, central registry of unique and persistent identifiers for individual researchers, and
  • A way to link the identifiers with researchers' outputs and activities.

Why you should register for an ORCID identifier

An ORCID identifier will help you to distinguish your research activities and outputs from those of other researchers with similar names, and make sure you get credit for your work.

ORCID identifiers are increasingly being used by:

  • Journal publishers,
  • Funding bodies and
  • University repositories.

For example the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), suggests that researchers with an ORCID identifier include it in their Research Grant Management System (RGMS) user profile.

You should register for an ORCID identifier to get a:

  • Unique, persistent identifier which you can link to your other IDs such as your Scopus Author Identifier and ResearcherID, and a
  • Profile page which can include your list of publications.

Please note: ORCID does not track citations and your ORCID profile will not include citation counts.

How to register for an ORCID identifier

Registration for an ORCID identifier is free and fast: go to and enter your name and email address and create a password.

NOTE: If you have more than one university email address, it is important that you make sure that your ORCID profile has all your email addresses associated with it to avoid duplicate ORCID identifiers being created.

You can then link your ORCID identifier to, and import information from, other sources such as: 

  • Scopus Author Identifier,
  • ResearcherID,
  • CrossRef, and
  • Australian National Data Service (ANDS).

Once you have registered you can include your ORCID identifier:

  • On your webpage,
  • When you submit publications or apply for grants, and
  • In any research workflow to ensure you get credit for your work.

Configure your ORCID identifier in Minerva Elements

Minerva Elements, the University of Melbourne’s system for capturing your research outputs, has the ability to automatically harvest publication data.

Configure your ORCID identifer in Minerva Elements to improve the accuracy of the collected data.

Follow the link below for instructions on how to configure your ORCID identifier in Minerva Elements:


For example: Spencer Williams

Screenshot of researcher's profile taken on the 22nd of May 2014. ORCID® is a registered trademark and the ORCID logo and iD icon are trademarks of ORCID, Inc. Use of screenshot courtesy of ORCID.

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