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Master of Teaching Secondary

This guide supports students enrolled in the Master of Teaching (Secondary).

Collaborate and partner with librarians - everybody benefits.

The intent of this resource is to encourage you to use the school library during your placement and raise awareness of the value of collaborating with librarians.

School library video series. Interview with Rob.


Teacher librarian Nell Day, interviews Rob Castles (Teacher Librarian, University High) and asks,

  • Why are school libraries important?
  • Why should a student teacher ‘make friends’ with the librarian at their school?

School library video series. Interview with Marjorie.


Teacher librarian Nell Day, talks to former teacher candidate, Majorie Hau about her school library experience during a placement.

  • Can you tell me about collaborating with teacher librarians during your placement?
  • What is the most useful piece of advice you can give to a teacher candidate beginning their placement?

School library video series. Intererview with Kate.


Teacher librarian Nell Day, interviews Kate Marquard (Teacher Librarian, University High) and asks the following questions:

  • What is special about your school library?
  • As a librarian, how can you help teacher candidtates who come to the school?