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Learning intervention and inclusion

This guide supports students enrolled in learning intervention courses.

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How to find books and eBooks

Searching in the library catalogue

  • Use a keyword search to find books and ebooks on a topic. Once you have completed a search you can limit your search to a specific collection such as, Giblin Eunson Library or format such as online books (login with your username and password to view e-books)
  • Only want an eBook? Choose the option 'eBooks'  in the catalogue. To read an e-book, open the catalogue record and then select the link: Connect to electronic book.

Searching in Discovery will also retrieve books and ebooks

Our eBooks guide offer tips and support for using our ebooks.

See the Ebook central guide for detailed support for using this platform.

Keyword Search Strategies

The following keyword search strategies link to search results in the library catalogue.

"hearing impairment" AND learn*

(behavior OR behaviour) AND positive AND learn*

(diverse OR diversity) learn* AND inclus* 

(impairment OR disorder) AND inclusive AND divers*

"special educational needs" AND (hearing impairment OR deaf*)

(audiology OR "hearing therapy") AND (teach* OR educat*)

Tips For Building Your Search Statement

Use truncation to extend search results - e.g. learn* will retrieve learn, learners and learning

Add "quotation marks" to retrieve a specific phrase.

Use the term OR to find synonyms or alternative terms- e.g. behavior OR behaviour

    Use brackets around alternative terms to create order in your search - e.g. ("learning difficulties" OR "learning disorders") AND curriculum


    Try browsing the book collection at the following numbers

    305.908162 -hearing impaired persons
    371.912 - hearing impaired education
    362.42 -hearing impaired social welfare
    362.4083 - early intervention
    371.9046 - integration
    617.8 -hearing disorders
    617.89 -hearing devices
    371.9 -special education
    401.93 -language acquisition

    Can't find the book you want?

    Further borrowing options

    • Request a book from another university library using BONUS+. This is useful if our copies are out on loan. Requested books are delivered to the University of Melbourne.bonus
    • Graduate students and staff member can request books and articles we don't own via interlibrary loans We ask you to check the availability of books on Bonus+ before you request interlibrary-loans. Requested books are delivered to the University of Melbourne.

    Find copies of books held in Australian libraries using TROVE

    • Borrowing from other Victorian Universities - Get a CAVAL card and then you can visit and borrow books from other university libraries in Victoria.
    • Live Interstate? Borrowing options - Use the ULANZ borrowing scheme to borrow in person from any other participating Australian and New Zealand university libraries. 

    Recommend the library purchases a book.