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Statistical and Mathematical Software

Information on where and how to access statistical and mathematical software.


GenStat is a data analysis and statistical software tool produced by VSN International. It is used by scientists and statisticians and is appropriate for the beginning user but also has the sophistication and power to be utilised by experienced users. This guide provides information about obtaining the program and the availability of support services.


Access and Training

The University of Melbourne holds a site license for GenStat which enables all staff and students to use the program on university-owned computers. See the knowledge base article on GenStat (staff only).

More information including possible training opportunities is available from The Statistical Consulting Centre, phone: 8344 6995.

Further Reading

It is recommended that you ask your supervisor or tutor for titles they would recommend. Also, try searching the Library Catalogue for the latest additions to our collections using a keyword search to locate new titles eg.nvivo, matlab or spss. Catalogue results are automatically sorted by date. Alternatively, click on the subject headings in one of the titles listed in this guide to be directed to related material.