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Student Wellbeing

A guide for students enrolled in Master of Teaching subjects and the Master of Education - Student Wellbeing.

How to find books and eBooks

Searching in the library catalogue

  • Use a keyword search to find books and ebooks on a topic. Once you have completed a search you can limit your search to a specific collection such as, Giblin Eunson Library or format such as online books (login with your username and password to view e-books)
  • Only want an eBook? Choose the option 'eBooks'  in the catalogue. To read an e-book, open the catalogue record and then select the link: Connect to electronic book.

Searching in Discovery will also retrieve books and ebooks

Our eBooks guide offer tips and support for using our ebooks.

See the EBL eBooks guide for detailed support for using this platform.

Keyword Searching Tips

 To find books about a particular topic, use a keyword search in the library catalogue. Refine and narrow your search by adding further keywords.

Some example search strategies:

"Values Education" AND Policy
(refugee OR asylum) AND children AND education AND school

Use quotation marks to search for phrases
Use the term 'OR' to combine synonyms or alternative terms
Place brackets around alternative terms to create order in your search

"educational counseling" AND ("peer pressure" OR bullying)