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Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship

This guide supports students enrolled in the Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship.

Getting Started With Research



  • Plan how you will tackle the research.
  • Identify possible resources to use such as: journal articles, books, newspaper articles, or websites.
  • Locate resources in the library and online.
  • Evaluate the resources you have found critically.
  • Document the details of the resources you use.

Planning and Preparing to Search

Quick keyword search tips

Keyword search tips: Use this type of search to locate resources for a topic. Start with a broad search - if the results list is too large - try adding more keywords to narrow your search.

Step-by-Step: An example search

    Desired result - Resources on effective teaching in high school

    Topic keywords brainstorm -high school, secondary school, teaching, teacher effectiveness, effective teaching

    Possible search statements: 

    • high school AND teach* AND effective*
    • teach* AND effective* AND ("high school" OR "secondary school") 

    Tip ... Note the use of the asterisk in this search example. This symbol is used to truncate the word and expand results teach* will locate results that include teach or teacher or teaching.