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An introduction to Zotero

Introduction - What is Zotero?

What is Zotero?

  • Zotero is a reference management application designed to store and manage references for you.  You can also use Zotero  to create references in your documents and create bibliographies, compliant with many different citation styles.
  • Zotero can save you a lot of time in terms of helping you organise and keep track of your research, and in the preparation of your assignments.


What is different about Zotero, compared to other Reference Managers?

Zotero has a number of  great features that are unique to it:

  • Zotero will do website Scrapes – it will look at a website and take the data from that site to build a reference.
  • Zotero is free, so you can download it to a number of PCs and keep using it after you have left university
  • It is very easy to use
  • It has a browser add on (for Firefox, Chrome and other browsers) version that is conveniently integrated into the browser  - so your references are conveniently accessible while doing internet research.

The Three versions of Zotero

There are three versions of Zotero, the online version, the browser add-on, and the standalone version. The user can have their reference libraries in all three different forms.

Zotero Standalone

This is a desktop  application that can be downloaded and installed on your PC. It is useful if you don’t have the internet,  or if you don’t use a Browser that has the Zotero Add on (There are Zotero browser add ons for Firefox, Safari and Chrome).

Zotero Browser Add On

This is an Internet browser add on -  it  is integrated with your browser, and can display your references in a handy panel that you can easily see while you use the browser. It has all the normal functions of a reference manager.

Zotero Online Account

This is the cloud based version of Zotero. You can log into it and create an account easily. It does most of the functions of the standalone and Browser add on, however it allows for sharing of references between accounts.