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AHIS10001 Art History: Theory and Controversy - 2019: Introduction


Yellow City by Egon Schiele

Fig 1. Egon Schiele, Yellow City, 1914

Learning outcomes


Welcome to the library: a video guide

Your assignment

In order to complete your research essay, it is expected that you will undertake "some independent research on the literature relevant to the topic" which you have chosen, outside your basic reading list (see page 4 of the essay topics document below). This means that you will have to learn how to use the library's search tools in order to find resources not listed in the readings that you have been provided with. 

Find out more about what is expected of you in these documents:

Library research tools

Your research will be a lot more efficient and effective if you understand the differences between search tools.

Most search tools have common features (e.g. basic and advanced search boxes, different ways to limit your results, ways to sort and export your results etc.), but the content of each tool can differ dramatically. This means you need to think about:

  • what you are searching for
  • how you are going to search for it.

The best place to start is the University Library. It pays for you to have access to a massive range of high-quality, academic resources.

The library offers several different tools to enable you to access these resources:

Google is not the best place to do your research although Google Scholar can be a good way to access library resources (more on this later!)