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Research impact for Education: a self-help guide

Further help

Still unsure about metrics, how to find them, what they mean?

Try these tools

  1. Research Impact & Engagement - Research Gateway (UOM)
  2. Metrics toolkit
  3. Elsevier Research Metrics Guidebook
  4. Incites Indicators Handbook
  5. Snowball metrics


The button below will take you to a Service Now form where you can ask to meet with a librarian and discuss what evidence you are looking for. When you book a research consultation you speak to an education liaison librarian. They know the tools where you can collect research impact and attention metrics.


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More about research outputs.


Books - Research impact & Engagement

Describing impact


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Appropriate use of metrics


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Track record

"The assessment of researcher performance today is based on decisions of researchers in the past." (Polonsky, 2008, p. 67)

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