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Altmetrics: what they are, tools to gather them and how to increase your altmetric scores.

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PLOS Altmetrics Collection

This collection aims to gathers an emerging body of research to seed further study of altmetrics, covering a range of subjects including statistical analysis of altmetrics data sources; metric validation, and identification of biases in measurements; validation of models of scientific discovery/recommendation based on altmetrics; qualitative research describing the scholarly use of online tools and environments; empirically-supported theory guiding altmetrics' uses; and other research relating to scholarly impact in online tools and environments.

The Mendeley Altmetrics Group

The aim of this group is to discuss new approaches to the assessment of scholarly impact based on new metrics. altmetrics go beyond traditional citation-based indicators as well as raw usage factors (such as downloads or click-through rates) in that they focus on readership, diffusion and reuse indicators that can be tracked via blogs, social media, peer production systems, collaborative annotation tools (including social bookmarking and reference management services).

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The Social Web, Altmetrics & Impact: A Scientist's Primer