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Australian Taxation Law: Books & Commentary


The following up to date commentary resources are arranged by topic, and include references to legislation, ATO rulings and cases, as well as useful practical tools such as tax rates and tables, 'ready reckoner' calculators, depreciation rates, calendars and checklists. All platforms can be searched or browsed by topic.

The Wolters Kluwer CCH Intelliconnect Platform includes useful and concise introductory commentary on Commonwealth and State / Territory tax topics. The CCH commentary includes:


CHECKPOINT's Research Platform includes up to date commentary on Commonwealth tax topics, including:


‚ÄčLexis Advance includes up to date detailed commentary on Australian Stamp Duties Law (stamp duties are levied by the States & Territories). This includes all relevant state legislation, including Debits tax legislation, where relevant, and circulars, rulings and precedents issued by the state revenue authorities. Regular bulletins are issued to alert you to any changes in legislation and important new cases.



Recent Books

The following are examples of general books on Australian tax law that provide analysis of relevant legislation, case law and ATO rulings, and cover income tax, superannuation, the goods and services tax, fringe benefits tax and state taxes, as well as the operation of the tax administration system. As tax law is constantly changing, make sure you use only recently published books. New editions are often published annually and the recent editions will probably be located in the High Use collection in the Law Library. If not in High Use, tax books are kept in a separate TAX collection on Level 5, and may also be available as e-books (although e-books on the topic are often out of date), so check the catalogue.  

New Australian Taxation Law Books