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Statistical and Mathematical Software

Information on where and how to access statistical and mathematical software.

About NVivo

NVivo is a qualitative research and data analysis program used by researchers in a broad range of disciplines including the humanities, social sciences and health sciences. NVivo is designed for rich text-based and/or multimedia information, enabling researchers to organise and analyse non-numerical unstructured data.


Access NVivo on Campus

NVivo 12 is installed on all Library and StudentIT lab computers. It may also be available in some Faculty and Graduate School labs. 

Obtain NVivo Software


University departments, affiliated institutions and respective staff are eligible to obtain NVivo under a university site license. This license extends to home use. For installation instructions see the knowledge base article on NVivo

Contact Infrastructure Services to request NVivo

  1. Phone 8344 0888 or
  2. Log a Service Now Request online using your University of Melbourne username and password
  3. Download a trial version of NVivo



Download a trial version of NVivo and use the license key provided on Student IT's Software License Keys site for full access


Students and staff may also access NVivo on myUniApps. Please note that NVivo cannot be accessed via the 'Apps' tab. For access:

  • Click the 'Desktops' tab at the top of the page
  • Click the 'Start' menu from within a Desktop
  • Select the required software icon (in this case 'QSR'), then NVivo 11 folder then NVivo 11 program

Training and Support

Researcher Connect offers free digital skills training. Check for upcoming training

The University of Queensland has a very detailed NVivo guide that provides instructional resources and advice.

QSR International provide a variety of resources to support usage of the program including:

Further Reading