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School Level Textbooks

A guide to the Victorian school level textbooks and student workbooks held in the Giblin Eunson textbook collection.

History textbooks

Analyzing Australian History (Webb, 2008)

Australia 1918 - 1950s (Mirams & Southee, 2015)

Australia and the World: Thinking Historically (Calvert et al, 2006)

Australia in the 20th Century: Working Historically (Anderson, 2004)

Best of Agora: Years 9 & 10: Articles addressing the Australian curriculum: History (History Teachers Association of Victoria, 2013)

Civil rights in the United States of America (Mirams, 2014)

Global Voices: Historical Inquiries for the 21st Century (Hoepper et al, 2004)

History 10: The modern world and Australia (Cashman et al., 2013)

History 9: Australian curriculum workbook (Mcarthur, 2012)

History 9: The making of the modern world (Crawford, 2013)

History alive 9 for the Australian curriculum: Student workbook (Tulloh, 2012)

History alive. 10: for the Australian curriculum (Darlington et al., 2012)

History for the Australian curriculum 10: workbook (Woollacott et al., 2012)

History for the Australian curriculum 9 workbook (Woollacott et al., 2012)

History for the Australian curriculum. 9 (Woollacott et al., 2012)

Histroy 10: Australian curriculum workbook (Mcarthur, 2011)

Investigating modern history (Dallimore,  2017) 

Jacaranda history alive. 10 : Victorian curriculum (Darlington, 2020)

Jacaranda history alive. 9 : Victorian curriculum (Darlington, 2020) 

Nelson connect with history 10 : teacher edition (Mirams, Ewbank and Price, 2013)

Nelson connect with history 9 teacher edition (Bowman et al., 2013)

Pearson history 9: Student book (Van tol et al., 2012)

Place & time : teaching history, geography and social sciences (2019) 

Retroactive 10: Australian curriculum for history: student workbook (Tulloh, 2013)

Retroactive 9: Australian curriculum for history: Student workbook (Tulloh, 2013)

The big six : historical thinking concepts  (Sexias and Morton, 2013)

The industrial revolution (Taylor, 2014)

The New Wider World 2nd ed (Waugh, 2009)

Twentieth century 1: between the wars (Carrodus et al., 2016)

Women's movements (Galbally, 2015)

World War 1 (Sinclair, 2013)

World War II (Hynson, 2005)

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